Saint Christopher Medals
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Saint Christopher Medals
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Recommended St. Christopher Medal

Below is the sterling medal I recommend for men. I have found men prefer one inch round no larger and no smaller. I suggest the back be engraved with the first name, full middle name, and last name in heavy block so it can be returned if lost.

I have found men prefer our 25.5 inch endless stainless steel chain over sterling. It is the proper size, strong, stays elegant and is rarely returned. For sterling search for 25E or 26E on one of our sites. This compares to 25E sterling
983-518-PASS62rwmgT St. Christopher Sterling Silver Saint Christopher Medal. A round 25mm sterling Medals comes on our fine 25.5 inch stainless steel chain.The MG in the item number means MAKE GORGEOUS. $ 125.00 Buy St. Christopher Sterling Silver Saint Christopher Medal A round 25mm sterling Medals comes on our fine 25.5 inch stainless steel chain.The MG in the item number means MAKE GORGEOUS.Cart

After casting manufacturers gold plate, silver plate or spray sterling medals with lacquer varnish which gives the medal that grey look. All three methods prevent tarnishing and also prevent you from seeing and touching the gorgeous sterling underneath. Plating wears off and lacquer varnish bonds with silver polish, sweat, etc. and the medal can turn colors.

We order this medal RAW from the manufacturer. Which means they only cast and do no finishing. After sterling medals are cast they are unfinished with sharp round edges. I buff off the sharp edges rounding them. Medals quickly heat to 300 plus degrees when buffing and are difficult to hold.

Once the edges are off I concentrate buffing to make gorgeous. At this point the medal looks ok but is not qorgeous. I continue buffing until it is. Once buffed down to the gorgeous sterling the medat will tarnish if not worn; however, rubbing with your fingers will bring back that beautiful luster and that is how you know you are touching sterling. When not worn cover with tissue so air does not come in contact with the sterling.

On medals from some manufacturers I can buff the features off in seconds. On this medal I can not. It is die struck with a 16 ton press and is dense. To make this page simple I have left out many details. I do this for the joy it gives me and others and not for the renumeration.

John Broderick

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